Style at your service.

Reporter Italy springs from a dynamic
and visionary conception of excellence,
naturally inclined to research and experimentation,
based upon the quality of your life.
Skilled production and high-tech,
innovative materials evolve into a customized
on-line service of brand-new conception,
with an extremely free use and expression,
to meet the changed needs of a new man,
author of his own time and style.

His Excellency,
the shirt.

Reporter Italy is the expression of original
Italian quality: fine details,
selection of the materials, extreme care
for detail, precious manufacturing, perfect
trimmings made by skilled local workers;
these are the conditions for a quality standard
that has been perpetuated over the centuries
and comes to a new contemporary life
in a shirt of very high profile.

100% made in Italy.

Made in Italy is our pledge,
but mainly a source of pride.
All Reporter Italy shirts are entirely produced
in Italy and each one is certified from the first
manufacturing step to the packaging, so as to
guarantee product traceability and the
highest quality, fully expressing our values.

The human

We believe that an idea can grow up
thanks to its own territory, thus evolving
into a project that can preserve and incite it,
cultivating in it both tradition and development.
This is where Reporter Italy springs from,
a Company with its roots in Tuscany,
in the Tiber Valley, a territory where know-how
is a treasure passed down through generations
of highly skilled workers, who are an integral
and essential part of our business.

Our creativity,
lour stuff.

The choice of raw materials
is an essential point for Reporter Italy
to enhance your every creation.
So each fabric proposed comes from
an accurate selection, by virtue of its
history and of its own actual
and symbolic qualities.
All together – plain, basic, two-ply, through
to printed fabrics, including jacquard -
they represent our all-Italian know-how.

to detail.

Reporter Italy is genius and rule:
a calling to creativity, eclectic elegance,
but mainly an uncompromising attention to detail.
For our shirts we choose mother-of-pearl buttons
only. A small thing, and yet with the power of enhancing
the high–quality of the result: a glimpse of light that
captures the essence of sheer sophistication.