What is it?

Reporter Italy arose from a concept of dynamic and visionary excellence, structurally oriented research and experimentation, which makes your quality of life its focus. 
Handmade production and high-tech, innovative materials evolve into a bespoke online service of the latest design, which responds with maximum freedom of use and expression to the changing needs of a new man, master of his own time and his own style.

Every man has a shirt he would never give up, that fits like a second skin.
Now you can recreate the same comfort and reinvent your favourite piece of clothing to express your style in new ways, starting with a simple photo. Italy Reporter's advanced technology does the rest.

How does it work?

Reporter Italy is the first bespoke shirt service that uses a universal digital measuring tool to create a customised garment in your measurements, starting from a simple photo taken by you, following a few simple steps shown in the video at https://www.reporteritaly.com/how-it-works

Can I use my smartphone to take the photo?

Absolutely! We suggest you download the free app from the Apple Store for iPhone or from Google Play for Android, which will help you take the photo and will guide you through the subsequent process of customising your shirt.

What characteristics should the photo I send have?

To get the best processing, the photo must be in JPEG format and of the highest possible quality and must have a minimum size of 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high.
Images with a higher definition in pixels are allowed, although the 4/3 ratio must be maintained.
Files larger than 5 MB are not allowed.

How do I take my measurements?

It is not necessary for you to tell us your measurements. Thanks to the exclusive patented digital measuring tool, Reporter Italy is the only bespoke service that calculates your exact measurements from the photograph of your favourite shirt to create a garment that fits perfectly.

How can I customise my shirt?

Unique fit, infinite looks. To accommodate the many ways of expressing your style, we draw on all our experience in a rich vocabulary of elegance, choosing the best classic and trendy fabrics and a huge variety of collars, cuffs, and cuts for you to combine for endless customisation possibilities.

Where is my shirt made?

We believe that an idea can develop in its region and become a project that protects and stimulates it, cultivating tradition and development. 
Reporter Italy arose from this vision as a company that has its roots in Tuscany, in Val Tiberina, a land where know-how is a treasure passed down through generations of highly skilled workers, an essential and integral part of our business.

For us, "made in Italy" is a commitment, but above all it is a source of pride. 
All Reporter Italy shirts are made entirely in Italy and each is certified from the first to the last phase of tailoring to ensure traceability and maximum product quality, fully expressing our values.

What do I do if the garment doesn't fit the way I want?

You can contact our customer services by sending an email to customercare@reporteritaly.com or by calling 800 001144 toll-free and our staff will be happy to assist you until the problem is solved.

Does the price of my garment vary depending on the type of fabric or the level of customisation?

Absolutely not! The price of the garment is fixed and does not depend on variables such as fabrics, patterns, encryption, or any other element.

How much does shipping cost?

IT'S FREE! The garment is shipped with no shipping fees or other charges at the expense of the buyer.

When will I be able to wear my shirt?

Your shirt will be delivered to you in just 8 days.

Can I can save the customisation of the garment and continue with the purchase later?

All registered Reporter Italy users have a customised space in which they can save customisations along with their photos ready to complete the purchase process later.

How do I track the shipment of my garment?

You can follow the progress of your order in the "My Reporter" section under the "My Orders" heading; when the garment is shipped, a link will be available that will allow you to track the shipment.